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FREIGHT (Standard and Expedited)

We understand how important your freight cost can be, so there are times we can combine orders together to keep your cost to a minimum. Once a month we will have freight going your direction. Upon delivery there must be a representative there to receive and accept My Chicken House.  My Chicken House, LLC has contracts with carriers to handle all loads. These drivers are experienced DOT, CDL and wide-load certified drivers with all their required permits including the correct state licenses and insurance. 


FMCSA regulates trucking in all 50 states. They set driver hours, work conditions, equipment limitations, and licensing requirements. FMCSA does not, however, provide a driver with a CDL. Each state examines and license drivers. 


You have two options to receive your products:

Option One:

Pickup My Chicken House at our steel fabrication location.

Option Two:

Freight is based per chicken house purchase. With a semi and 44 ft. deck-over trailer  it's  per loaded mile.   Wide load permits can cost additional $70.00 to 150.00 depending on location. Other charges may be added due to size and special requirements by states and county permits. Some times smaller shelters can be combined to keep cost to a minimum.   

Arrangements may be made with My Chicken House for delivery of your purchase; however, additional conditions and fees may apply. In the event of delivery, and as a general rule, the contract driver will only provide delivery on maintained roads, driveways, easements or surfaces. In order to preserve the working order of the semi and trailer combined length 83 ft. , Driver may refuse, in its discretion, to deliver to any location or site if driver is not comfortable with unloading conditions.


STANDARD FREIGHT - My Chicken House will arrive in 5 to 7 business days or less from the date completed. 

EXPEDITED DELIVERY - My Chicken House can arrive in 2-3 business days.  There is a expedite serivce fee based on location.

If You Have Freight Questions, Please email:
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