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My Chicken House coops are currently housing backyard chickens in 15 states. 100% Carbon Grade A steel fabracated with certified welders is perfectly suited for a wide range of weather and climate conditions.

  • Siding: 29 gauge steel siding with 20 colors to match your house or out buildings. (you choose the colors!) Finished inside with pine CDX plywood.  Superior wood products offering natural insulating properties (for both heat and cold). My Chicken Coops are built to stand up to whatever Mother Nature can throw at them.

  • Steel 2" x 2" side wall studs and rafters. This creates a super-strong roof to hold up heavy winter snow loads. Theses coops are structurally strong enough to move from one spot to another for free range.

  • Generous windows: let light in while keeping wind and rain out. The metal framing is chew-proof and resistant to rust.

  • Venting: allows heat and moisture to escape while keeping rain, snow and drafts out of the coop. Some coop models have extra-large hinged panels allowing you to open the vents in order to maximize air-flow on hot, sunny days.

  • Foundation: Skids are steel carbon, which resists moisture and insect damage. Our elevated chicken coop models provide a shady spot for the hens to rest underneath AND keep the coop interior drier and cooler in summer.



Regardless of where you live, the critters that love to prey on chickens are everywhere… raccoons, coyotes, hawks, weasels, snakes – the list is endless. Our chicken coop designs keep them at bay.

  • Steel skids slide along the ground and sit flat on the ground deterring many predators.

  • 2”x4” steel galvanized metal mesh over steel studs make it impossible for larger predators to squeeze through.

  • All steel doors, windows and metal sides are exceptionally strong and can be secured tightly.

  • Rock solid steel is chew-proof, meaning you will never see evidence of chewing or clawing in such a secured coop.


My Chicken House Structure chicken coop designs come in a wide array of sizes.

  • We have a coop to accommodate virtually any size flock or breed of chicken. From 3 hens all the way up to 40 or more - bantams to Jersey Giants.

  • Our smallest coops fit easily into cozy urban backyards

  • Mid-size coops are right at home in suburban neighborhoods

  • Our super-size chicken coops won’t get “lost” on your farm

Buy My Chicken House Structures English-made Chicken Coop so You Can ENJOY Your Chickens – Worry Free!


For many, the fluffy little chick you’ve cradled in your hands and lovingly nurtured so carefully is more than an “egg-producing machine.”

We know you want to make sure she has a safe and comfortable place to live when you to move her (and her sisters!) out from under the brooder light and into the new world.

The day you proudly collect your very first egg, you’ll know you made The BEST choice for your family flock with a My Chicken House Structures English-made chicken coop!

Are you interested in teaching your children farm-like responsibilities?
Raising chickens is one of the fastest-growing family hobbies in America and can be fun for the whole family!

My Chicken House coops are made in the USA with 100% steel - one at a time - by our skilled certified welders. Each chicken coop is carefully hand-crafted by individuals who understand the needs of chickens and the value of a well-made coop that you can pass down to your children.

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